Sunday, August 7, 2011

There may be something wrong with your mouse. Really.

Grandpa Dwight wouldn't mislead you about that.  Something could be wrong with your mouse.  It might be you've chosen the wrong cursor.  Or something else.  I can't tell from this far away just what it is, but to help you out I've furnished a test graphic for you to check it out for yourself.  Over on the right, where you see the "Mouse Test Graphic", simply move your cursor in small circles inside the graphic.  If any of the red fish figures begin swarming toward your cursor it means you need a new mouse.  The one you have has had too many nanofactures in it's quorent and is beginning to give off an electronic "odor" that's a dead giveaway to impending failure.  The more fish that react, the sooner the failure.  And if you stop moving the mouse and the fish "freeze", you only have hours left.

While checking out new mouses you might want to make certain your new one is ambisinistrous.  Many newer operating systems will be requiring that feature next year.  Seriously.  Or, I could be kidding.

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